Lucious Lemon is Amazing

“We love the new biscotti! It has such a cool refreshing taste…perfect for the spring!!” — Theresa Logan


“Thank you so so much for letting me try the biscotti. I love biscotti, but this is probably the ABSOLUTE BEST BISCOTTI I’ve ever had and I’m not kidding at all. I think if I could buy a dozen of them right now I would. It was DELICIOUS!!!” — Sarah Chandler

“Wow! The Biscotti arrived on Monday and were completely gone by this morning. They were so delicious. Just the right touch of softness to crunch. The fudge dip was perfect. Chocolaty but not too chocolaty as to overwhelm the cookie.  Again, thank you. You made a lot of fans! They come up to me asking where I got them etc. I tell them your story and they are very impressed that it’s largely a one-woman operation. Keep up the great work!” — Karen Whaley