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Mezzaluna Biscotti cordially invites Wholesale Buyers, Retailers, Institutional Customers and Food Brokers to learn more about our Gourmet Biscotti. We would be pleased to mail you and your Company a Sampler of our some of our 20+ best Biscotti flavors. We would also be pleased to create Specialty Biscotti Flavors to suit your needs too! Call us at (800) 883-2879 anytime or email our sales team through our Contact Form.

Your Company can buy bulk biscotti direct from Mezzaluna Biscotti in all of our 20+ flavors delivered to your Store, or on a pallet shipped to your Distribution Center or Distribution Warehouse, on a schedule to meet your needs.

If you would like, we offer a 6 Piece Variety Sampler of Mezzaluna Biscotti through our Online Shop which ships to you a sample of our best sellers.

Thank you for your interest in Mezzaluna Biscotti!

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