Mezzaluna Biscotti British Islander

This is an over the top offering by Mezzaluna Biscotti! We know you like toppings so we combined chunks of Macadamia nuts, rich Toffee, and white chocolate chunks which we dip in Dark or White Belgian chocolate! FACT: Aloha means hello and goodbye. NOTE: Say Aloha before you bite into Mezzaluna Islander Biscotti to experience the full effect!

Mezzaluna Belgian Chocolate Dipped Pumpkin Pecan Biscotti

Mezzaluna Biscotti has created Pumpkin Pecan Biscotti that is a cake like Pumpkin Pecan Biscotti which is then dipped in White Belgian Chocolate with features a Pecan topping!

All natural, fresh peeled rind of lemon creates the crisp taste and its then dipped in a White Belgian Chocolate coating!

Mezzaluna Biscotti Outrageous Orange Belgian Chocolate Dipped

A sweet and crisp Orange biscotti that is also dipped in the Belgian Dark Chocolate making this one rich cookie!

Mezzaluna Biscotti Belgian Chocolate Dipped Almond

A Mezzaluna Biscotti best seller and a traditional favorite made the way your grandmother did with all butter and baked to a soft texture, our Tuscany Almond Biscotti is made with lots of chunks of Almonds then Dipped in Belgian Dark Chocolate!

Red Velvet Cake Biscotti

Mezzaluna Red Velvet Biscotti

Red Velvet Cake is a traditional Dutch favorite that Mezzaluna Biscotti gives it an Italian family touch! Sweet White Belgian Chocolate covers this Red Velvet cake like Biscotti to be a soft, rich dessert like cookie!

Mezzaluna Biscotti Belgian Dipped Double Chocolate Fudge Biscotti

Large Dark Chocolate Chunks with chocolate fudge in a soft, chocolate brownie cookie base then dipped in dark Belgian Chocolate! This is a super rich Brownie experience in a Biscotti!